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Tolerability and safety

ENTRESTO has a safety and tolerability profile comparable to that of enalapril.1

ENTRESTO must NOT be co-administered with an ACEi or an ARB.2


– while more patients experienced symptomatic hypotension with ENTRESTO than with enalapril (14.0% vs 9.2%; P<0.001), few discontinued therapy because of it (0.9% vs 0.7%; P=0.38).

Renal impairment

– fewer patients discontinued the study drug due to renal impairment in the ENTRESTO group than in the enalapril group (0.7% vs 1.4%; P=0.002).


– incidence of angioedema with ENTRESTO was low and comparable to that with enalapril (0.45% vs 0.24%; P=0.13).

For detailed safety information, please consult the Summary of Product Characteristics.


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  2. ENTRESTO Summary of Product Characteristics.

Date of preparation: March 2016 ENT16-C022e